Exclusive Interview with Amy Bass, The Niche Blogger

by the juice on March 28, 2009

So, who is Amy Bass and why you want to hear from her?

Amy Bass, started out as many of us, searching the internet for ways to make extra cash. Actually, it was a bit more serious than that. Her family was 70,000 in debt and instead of filing bankruptcy, she decided to find a way to make enough money to pay off her debts and build a secure future for her family and herself.

Just like all of us, she knew it had to be out there. The Internet, gives us access to the entire world–so obviously we all realize that with so many potential clients, there has to be a way to give people what they are looking for and make a comfortable living at the same time.

Amy Bass set out to find that perfect formula. Starting out, like many of us, with Cash Crate and different programs that weren’t quite right for her, there is one thing I have noticed that she did consistently. She quickly abandoned the things that did not work for her to try the next idea.

Some of us become stuck in a rut where we are making very little cash, but instead of abandoning it, we stay on the hamster wheel of mediocrity, without looking for the formula that is right for us. Seth Godin actually wrote an excellent book about this. There is a ‘stick to it’ quality that we all need, but there is also a ‘know when to get out’ intuition that Amy Bass and other successful individuals share. Once we DO find the thing that will make money for us, THAT’s when we need the ‘stick to it’ determination.

If you like to write, then you can blog. If you can commit yourself to building small niche blogs the right way (by using Amy’s fool proof methods) then you can and will accomplish the same level of success that she has. The Niche Blogger gives you a complete, step by step plan. All you have to do is follow her instructions. She leaves nothing to guesswork and continues to encourage and help you every step of the way. If you need help, Amy will give you the answers. She will answer your emails either personally or through one of her trained representatives from her forum. Working with Amy means working with a person of integrity, drive, and organization. Here is the exclusive interview I had with her just a few days ago. After reading it, I strongly urge you to sign up for her Niche Blogger program. It’s not too late to buckle down and use her program to become financially independent through the wonderful world of blogging.

the niche blogger

The Interview:

Hi Amy, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview with me for my Web Success 101 followers. As you know, I am not one of those people who is on the “affiliate” bandwagon, just looking to make a buck. I only promote your Niche Blogger program and the Thesis Theme for WordPress. You are a real inspiration to me and others on my website.

Okay, here we go (and some of these questions come directly from followers of my site):

Hi Robin, It’s great to be able to answer your questions and help out the Web Success family.

Robin:  Amy, most of us know that you are a work from home mom who made the decision to get out of debt, started a website called My Debt Free Life and went from there to the fantastic success you are experiencing now. You are an inspiration and mentor to many…..We are wondering, who was YOUR mentor? When you got started who was your guru? Or did you wing it and figure it all out on your own (with 4 little ones underfoot?)

Amy: I did not have any particular person or method that I followed.

I started out doing a lot of different experiments of ways to make money online and when I saw one that worked and allowed me to build passive income I stuck with it and perfected it to what I have today.

I did read a lot of marketing books and learned little nuggets from all of them, but did not have any particular person to guide me. It certainly would have made things easier If I did though.

Robin: What were your greatest points of frustration and did you ever feel like giving up?

Amy:  Building passive income is harder and slower than creating active income. I remember at times I would calculate my earnings per hour and it was less than $2 / hour. I remember thinking that I could earn more working at a fast food place. I am really glad I stuck it out because once you get that income going it only builds upon itself.

Robin: At what point did the light really come on that said “Yes, this really IS going to work?”

Amy:  When I saw my blogging earnings hit over $1,000 a month I knew I could only go up from there. It was a very exciting feeling. I said to myself, If I can build up to $1,000 a month passive income once I can do it over and over.

Robin:  Give us an idea of what your first projects that made money were (i.e. – 3 blogs selling bath soaps that were connected to each other, etc)

Amy:  I first got started with Get Paid To programs such as CashCrate, but quickly discovered that it wouldn’t be passive and reliable enough to support my family for the long term so I started to build niche blogs instead. My first one was in the health market and it still makes money to this day.

Robin:  Since nothing happens without traffic, what would you say is the single most important thing to do in order to gain traffic?

Amy:  Choosing the right keyword phrase for your blog and domain name. If you get a great one it will be so much easier to dominate the search engines.

Robin:  How long did it take you to set up your first business and then how long til you saw any financial results?

Amy:  I consider each blog their own little mini-business because they run and make an income independently from each other. It took about 2-3 months of hard work before I started seeing enough blogging income coming in to give me that glimmer of hope that this could really work.

Robin: You are a success story and an inspiration to us all, Amy. Do you think the timing is still right for internet businesses? Some feel like they may have missed the boat with the way the economy has taken a turn. What would you say to them?

Amy:  This is still a great time to get into blogging. The economy is not doing so well, but if you can promote to hungry and desperate buyers, you can make a lot of money.

I teach how to do this in The Niche Blogger and even tell you exactly what to promote to make sure you can support your income during a recession/depression.

Plus, by being in so many different markets with your blogs you diversify your income so if one market tanks your others still bring in money.

It is best to start building up your passive income now as a safety net if you or your spouse were to lose their full time job.

Robin:  I feel that your biggest strength that makes you stand out from the crowd is your customer service–the way you always are there to help, and your level of integrity. Would you agree that many businesses today are missing this important factor? Is it hard for you to keep up with everyone that pulls for your attention?

Amy:  I practically live at my computer! Yes it is hard, but I feel like the members of The Niche Blogger are an extension of my family and I treat them like I would a friend asking me a question. The Niche Blogger forum is a big help to me because they also step in and answer many of the questions leaving me to focus on creating more awesome content for the members.

Robin:  How do you get it all done? Are you working from dawn til late at night, or do you have a set schedule of work hours? Do you work weekends?

Amy:  I am on the computer on and off from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I work 6 days a week, except Sunday when I take time off for the Sabbath Day to go to Church and spend time with family.

Robin: Do you have any new projects up your sleeve at the moment?

The Niche Blogger is my only big membership project, but I am still making niche blogs right along with everyone else. Those blogs are my bread and butter. ;)

Thank you again for your time, Amy.  Have a blessed and wonderful day!

I sincerely hope that people will realize that the sooner they get started with The Niche Blogger program, the sooner they will be on their way to financial freedom! You’ve laid it all out in this program, made it affordable for everyone, and designed it to be so easy to follow that anyone can follow it, regardless of age or computer skill level.

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1 the juice March 30, 2009 at 10:08 am

She is definitely a woman of integrity and determination. The best ingredients for the foundation of any business! You are welcome! Look for more great things to come from Web Success 101!


2 MomIsWrite March 30, 2009 at 3:30 am

I loved it! I can only imagine how incredibly busy Amy must be and I am so glad that she is more than willing to share her knowledge with others in such a down-to-earth way.

Thanks for setting all of that up, Robin! :)


3 Kecia March 29, 2009 at 2:43 am

Yay! Cannot wait!!

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